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竹田養鯉場は、竹田勉(Takeda Tsutomu)が創業した老舗養鯉場です。品評会では数多くの受賞歴を持ち、生産鯉の子孫は現在も多くの養鯉場で高い成績を収めています。 現在代表を務める新木康弘は、長年竹田勉に師事し、平成22 年に当養鯉場を継承いたしました。

新オフィス New Office
新展示池 New Pond for Nishikigoi Exhibition
新展示池 New Pond for Nishikigoi Exhibition

About Us

Takeda Koi Farm is long established nishikigoi farm in Hiroshima pref., and was founded by Takeda Tsutomu. Nishikigois breeded by takeda have won many prizes and the offsprings are now still winning many prizes. Atarashiki Yasuhiro, current representative of the farm, succeeded to the farm in 2010 after studied under Takeda Tsutomu for many years.

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